New PMVFUPS01 backup power supply for interface protection system units

In power generation applications, the rules governing connection to utility grids are set out in standards CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16. In particular, the standards require that an interface protection system (IP) be installed to monitor the status of the grid so that the generation system can connect to it.

The standards also specify that the powered components of the system (including the interface protection relay, contactor coil and backup disconnector coil, if present) maintain power for at least 5 seconds when main power fails.

This requirement is often satisfied by installing a UPS on the auxiliary lines to which the IP is connected.

However, not just any UPS will do: it is critical that it be able to eliminate any micro-interruptions when switching from mains to battery power, otherwise the contactor would open and thus violate the requirements of the standards.
The UPS must therefore be of the zero transfer time type (double conversion on-line – Voltage and Frequency Independent VFI).
This type of UPS is often very costly in relation to the total cost of the installation.

Lovato Electric thus offers an alternative to the UPS solution. This is the PMVFUPS01, a modular backup power supply for DIN rail installation, powered at 230VAC, which assures continuous operation thanks to its use of capacitor technology.
This accumulator device is also completely maintenance free in comparison to battery-powered UPS systems, the operation of which must be constantly checked, thus incurring costs in terms of both time and money.

The very fast capacitor recharging time enables quick re-arming after use, and two front panel LEDs signal the charge status of the unit. The 9 DIN module housing is ideal for installation even in enclosures with limited space.

LOVATO Electric offers a complete solution for photovoltaic system switching.
The product range includes PMVF… interface protection systems for controlling the connection of the generation system to the grid, interface devices including BF… series contactors to disconnect the system if its voltage or frequency are out of range, and the new PMVFUPS01 backup power supply to guarantee continuity in case of power failure.

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