Cam switches GF, GNA20 and GN series. High performance in a compact frame

Cam switches are used in different industry applications mainly for machinery control and for auxiliary power switching.

With a uniquely compact design and robust construction, they are ideal for switching, circuit breaking and control applications.
They are available in a wide range of variants and configurations to satisfy any application requirement, from the most conventional to the most unusual.
All variants offer a wide range of options and up to 12 switching positions.
In addition to the existing 7GN and GX series, LOVATO Electric has now expanded its offer with the GF, GNA20 and GN series.

The GF series is by far the most compact solution. It is available in two ratings, for applications up to 20A.
Each element has two contacts, and up to 12 elements can be combined, for a total of 24 contacts.

The GF series has the smallest side frame of any LOVATO Electric cam switch and thanks to the profile of the contact elements, they can be installed side-by-side in an extremely compact configuration.

It is ideal for applications demanding special switching schemes with an extremely compact form factor, like small machines and mosaic panels.
It also offers a highly practical wiring solution, enabling the user to install the product quickly with just a screwdriver, even in restricted spaces; the terminals are located at the top and/or at the bottom of the switch, so that GF series cam switches can be installed right next to each other.

If the application demands a shallow solution or a special circuit switching scheme, the best solution for applications up to 20A is the GNA20 series of cam switches.
They are designed for installation in shallow panels, where the switching scheme requires a large number of contacts.
This device offers 4 contacts on each element so with the maximum of 12 elements it is possible to have a total of 48 contacts on a single switch.

Both the GF and GNA20 series have IP20 degree of protection for the terminals.

The launch of the GN series, on the other hand, is born from the need to offer a solution for high power applications, with the requirement to switch loads up to 2000A.
cURus certified versions are available in the 200A and 315A sizes.
This series also offers up to 12 selectable elements, for a total of 24 contacts.

The new series are available in different variants, depending on the type of installation, with door mounting, for front mounting with or without front plate, for DIN rail mounting, etc…
All LOVATO Electric cam switches can be customised with standard or special connection schemes to the client’s specification.

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