NEWBURYPORT, MA USA (APRIL 2020) – Mersen is pleased to introduce BusFLEXX™ flexible and conforming bus bar connections. Electrical connections utilizing bus bars and other mechanical fixtures often face challenges of thermal expansion, tight tolerances, and the stress of vibration based on the environment they are deployed in. This can negatively affect the performance, reliability, and longevity of the application. Mersen’s BusFLEXX line of conforming connectors are custom designed to help eliminate these challenges. A large variety of unique flexible and conforming connection features can be strategically designed into our bus bars to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Mersen’s innovative BusFLEXX connectors allow for connectivity of cables to bus bars, electrical/electronic components to bus bars, and even bus bar to bus bars wherever there is a need for mechanical gap tolerances and/or thermal compensation. The connectors can have static or +/-1mm dynamic properties, up to three rotational axis (X,Y and Z), and provide cost effective yet long lasting connection methods. Mersen design engineers can work closely with customers to solve their specific design needs for custom-made conforming connectors. In addition, connectors can be designed with a certain amount of flexibility and spring tension, reducing the harsh effect of vibration/harmonics on hard connections.

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