Now Available: Tube-based Liquid Cooling Simulations with R-TOOLS MAXX, The Next Generation Heat Sink Simulator

Mersen is pleased to announce that R-TOOLS MAXX, Mersen’s next generation heat sink simulator, is now available with tube-based liquid cooling simulations. R-TOOLS MAXX is a no charge, on-line simulation software that allows users to model the optimum air or liquid cooled heat sink solution tailored to their project requirements. It is completely interactive and available online 24/7.

Users can enter the boundary conditions, heat source details, and their choice of flow conditions. After the user is satisfied with their parameters, the tool will run the liquid or air-cooling simulation and output a thermal report along with a 3D Visualization. For air-cooling, R-TOOLS MAXX will suggest the best-fit Mersen heat sink from the standard list of baseplate and fins in our swaged, mechanically bonded fin product line. The software simulation results aid in reducing design time with its newly streamlined approach and the ability to make on-the-fly changes to your conditions.

In response to the design needs of today’s market, R-TOOLS MAXX draws from the latest simulation modelling software to provide users a more robust and accurate simulation tool. The new tool also offers an optimized export option that allows you to send your design directly to our engineering team to get a quote with ease.

Mersen also offers online video tutorials that walk you through the steps of using the software.

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