F型认证 SM1R ... SM2R ... SM3R ...


洛瓦托电气公司的产品SM1R ... SM2R ... SM3R ...与BG或BF接触器一起组合而成的电动机保护控制器获得UL508 F型组合电动机控制器认证。

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A Combination Motor Controller is a motor starter, typically used in North America market, that includes the following functions:

  • disconnecting

  • branch circuit protection (short-circuit and ground fault)

  • motor control and motor overload protection.

In addition, where an individual controller is in an enclosure, it shall be provided with a padlocking feature  to lock the device in the ″OFF″ position.

Type F Combination Motor Controllers provide the best solution to control and protect a motor.
This certification requires hard short circuit test sequences to verify the coordination between motor protection circuit breaker and contactor.

The short circuit ratings reach up to 65kA at 480V and 50kA at 600V.

Type F certification is a demonstration of the high quality of LOVATO Electric products.

Furthermore, LOVATO Electric Type F certification includes coordination Type 1 and Type 2 as per the UL60947-4-1 standard.

Type F controllers usually provide the best solution to control and protect a motor in terms of electrical performance, space saving and fast wiring.